BAEOP Student Scholarship Recipient

Kyle Burke

Kyle BurkeKyle wrote the following to express his gratitude to the members of BAEOP. “I am a freshman at the University of Washington and my plans are to major in International Business. This past summer I worked for Bellevue School District and I am now working at The North Face Store in University Village. The money I have earned at these jobs, along with the BAEOP Scholarship, will help pay my tuition, room and board. I am very appreciative of the scholarship from BAEOP and wish to thank the members who helped make it possible.”

“My classes are great and I’m adapting to the many changes in my life: being away from home, sharing a room, missing my family and friends, college freedom, no car, walking, riding buses, college food, laundry, no money, but I love it!”

Christine McDonald

Christine McDonaldChristine wrote the following:. “While attending Issaquah High School, I also participated in the Running Start Program at BCC and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. I am working toward a degree in music and plan to transfer to a music school where I will complete my education.”

“I currently have my own business, teaching piano classes to elementary age students. This will provide financial assistance while I complete my education and will build upon my teaching skills for the future.”
“I will soon be ready to get my private pilot license. My dream is to fly needy children from small Alaskan villages to summer camp in Kako, where I served as a camp counselor last summer.

I enjoy working with youth, like my mother Ortansa McDonald, who is a career specialist for Sammamish HS.”

“My desire to work hard and help other people has been instrumental in my success to date and I am sure that it will continue to be of benefit as I complete my education and pursue my career in music.”

Katy Kirschner

Katy wrote the following to express her gratitude to the members of BAEOP. “Thank you so much for the scholarship you have provided me with for my freshman year of college. Since I currently have four, soon to be five other family members enrolled in college, it would be difficult to remain in school without scholarships like the one I received from BAEOP.”

“I am thoroughly enjoying my college experience at Western. It is a great school, focused primarily on bettering its student’s lives. Thank you for being part of the funds that have allowed me to attend this University.”