PSP Handbook 1.2018 updatedBAEOP members are encouraged to continue to grow professionally and personally, by attending workshops, conferences and/or other continuing education classes.  If you do not have a Professional Standards Program Certificate, now is a good time to find out how you can qualify for a PSP Certificate and start earning extra money in your paycheck.

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BAEOP members achieve recognition through the PSP program, which is a professional development certification program designed for classified employees working within an educational environment as office personnel or support staff.  In the Bellevue School District, BAEOP members are able to attain one or more levels of certification and receive compensation for their achievements.

To view the PSP forms, please click below to access the Basic PSP forms:

Basic PSP Forms 2018 PDF

Basic PSP Forms 2018 Word

AISP Contract Language on PSP Stipend

How can we help?

We are willing to help anyone interested in obtaining their PSP certificate. We can meet with you individually or as a group. Contact our PSP Committee Chair, Paula Jo Brave for more information.
What is required of me?

In order to apply for a Professional Standards Program certificate, an applicant must be a member of NAEOP. Membership with NAEOP must be continuous, while pursuing a PSP Certificate and membership must be maintained each year thereafter in order to be eligible for re-certification (at every fifth year anniversary of their original certification).

We encourage employees to also maintain membership in BAEOP and WAEOP, since these organizations provide them with professional growth and networking opportunities, with other employees who work in an educational setting. Sixty hours of training are required for a member to be eligible to recertify and continue to receive their stipend.
The following documents will provide you with additional information about the PSP Certification process:

PSP Handbook 2018


NAEOP PSP brochure

Option 1 vs. Option 2

Inservice Verification Form

PSP – Where do I begin?

PSP – Category Info Sheet

PSP – Information Handout

PSP History:

The Professional Standards Program was officially adopted at the 1956 NAEOP Annual Conference, in Los Angeles, California. The first forty-one certificates were awarded in Pennsylvania in 1957.  Since its adoption, there have been more than 12,000 PSP certificates awarded.

The Certified Educational Office Employee (CEOE) distinction was approved in 1980. Since then, more than 3,000 CEOE certificates have been awarded.

The Professional Standards Program is a multi-level program based on work experience, education, inservice training, professional activities and professional memberships.Successful completion of this approved program, qualifies the member for one or more Professional Standards Program certificate.

An application to obtain the distinction of CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee) may be submitted after completing either Option I – Advanced Level III or Option II – Associates Degree or higher.


The Professional Standards Program is endorsed by:

* American Association of School Administrators
* Association of School Business Officials
* National Association of Public Continuing and Adult Education
* National Association of Elementary School Principals
* National Association of Secondary School Principals
* National School Boards Association

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