BAEOP is currently participating in a recycling program that allows us to turn recycled items into cash and prizes.

For three years we have offered some great raffle items, which have been made possible through the many donations of printer cartridges that we recycled through Staples.  Each month BAEOP receives Staples Rewards for the cartridges we turn in.  This enables us to purchase great raffle items and door prizes. We thank all of you for your continued support.

The following items can be recycled at Staples for Staples Rewards:

Empty Inkjet Cartridges Empty Laser Cartridges
Empty Copier Cartridges Empty Fax Cartridges

The following items can be recycled for cash:

Cell Phones PDAs Portable DVD Players DVDs
MP3 Players E-Readers Video Games GPS Devices
Digital Cameras Digital Video Recorders Empty Laser Cartridges Empty Fax Cartridges
Laptops (include power cords)

If you have items to donate, please contact Sue Gray at 4013 for more information. Items may be sent to Sue through the district mail.

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