Administrator of the Year – 2008

Spencer WelchThis year the BAEOP Administrator of the Year was nominated by Kathleen Gleich and Jackie Wheeler. Together they wrote the following comments about Spencer Welch: He is kind, caring, professional, thoughtful, compassionate, always willing to listen,, courteous, fair, honest, forthright, deeply concerned about education and a leader with unquestionable integrity. His many talents, natural grace and kindness make him stand out as a leader wherever he is. His dedication and abilities make him a role model for everyone in the district.

Spencer has been in education since 1979 and was a teacher for many years at Lake Washington, Ferndale and Bellevue School Districts. Since 1997, when he began working in Bellevue, he has held various administrative positions.

Educational Office Professional of the Year – 2008

Karen PenewellOur Office Professional of the Year for 2008 is Karen Penewell. She was nominated her Principal Estelle Collins and her staff. They had the following to say about her: Karen has the ability to effectively create an atmosphere that is friendly and inviting to students, parents and visitors, while being supportive of the needs of staff and faculty. Her caring attitude toward children makes her particularly aware of their needs and sympathetic to their inadequacies, which she works diligently to help them overcome. Karen has served on the Bellevue School Board, has been the Office Manager and Assistant to the Director of Alternative Programs for the past eight years and was recently elected the WAEOP Area 7 Director.

GEM Awards – 2008

Following are our first year winners of the newly established GEM Award (Going the Extra Mile):

Debra HitchcockDebra Hitchcock, Paraeducator at Odle Middle School, was nominated by Liz VandenBerghe. Liz wrote that what inspires her most about Debi is that she works full time with students who face great learning challenges. Each day she meets with groups of students in a small office and works with them on their assignments. Each student comes with a different set of needs and challenges and she meets them with her understanding, patience and consistency. Debi does a job that not many could handle and does so with grace and persistence. Debi has worked for BSD for 10 years.

Jackie WheelerJacquelyn Wheeler, Paraeducator at Highland Middle School was nominated by Jeanie Turner. Jeanie wrote that Jackie is a tireless advocate for children and staff. In addition to working in the centered program, Jackie is active in the SEIU union activities, always striving to support the
needs of staff and children. Jackie has been with BSD for 13 years and does her best to educate district personnel, the BSD board and state legislators, to insure the safety and educational needs of all children.

Theckla RoginskiTheckla Roginski, Technology Assistant at Bellevue High School was nominated by Paula Burke. Paula wrote that Theckla stepped forward four years ago to be a SEIU representative for Technology Assistants. She has advocated for recognition and pay for technology assistants and has done an excellent job of keeping them well informed about SEIU issues and decisions. Theckla is quick to communicate any technical information that she thinks would be helpful and would enable other tech assistants to do their jobs better. Theckla has been a Tech Assistant at Bellevue High School for eight years and the staff appreciates her positive attitude and her quick response to problems.


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