BAEOP is a professional association for classified employees working for the Bellevue School District. We welcome all educational support professionals, including office managers, secretaries, instructional assistants, educational assistants, paraprofessionals, library techs, tech specialists and other support staff.

BAEOP is not responsible for negotiating bargaining contracts. That is the responsibility of various bargaining units.  A large portion of the classified staff are covered under the AISP (Administrative and Instructional Support Personnel) Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is negotiated by SEIU 925 (Service Employees International Union).

BAEOP’s Executive Board is responsible for the month to month activities of the organization.  It is comprised of ten board members who are elected each spring to serve the following year. As stated in our bylaws, all committee chairs will be considered ex-officio members of the BAEOP Board and will be encouraged to attend all board meetings.

BAEOP has four (4) categories of members: active, associate, honorary and retired. We currently have about 120 members; three of which are retirees; 5 honorary members and the remaining members are active members who currently work for Bellevue School District.

BAEOP annual membership dues are $15.00. Our dues pay general operating expenses incurred during the year and are also used to help offset the cost of various workshops, which provide our members with professional growth opportunities.

We have several fundraisers each year to subsidize our General Fund and to generate income for our Scholarship Fund. We recycle printer cartridges, cell phones, DVD’s, GPS’s and other miscellaneous electronic devices. Our average income derived from these recycling efforts provides us with approximately $125.00 additional funds each month.

BAEOP awards up to three (3) $750.00 scholarships each year to students who are dependents of a current BAEOP member and three (3) $200.00 scholarships to BAEOP members, who are working toward their PSP Certification. We also donate to the Scholarship Fund of WAEOP and NAEOP and to the BSD Summer School Fund.

Proceeds from the sales of Entertainment Books and the annual Spring Raffle have been a major source of revenue for our Scholarship Fund in recent years, which has allowed us to gradually increase the number of scholarships we offer each year.

BAEOP is registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Washington.

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BAEOP Brochure

BAEOP Bylaws

BAEOP Mission Statement

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